Saturday, May 13, 2017

May 11 - Thursday

 The past few weeks have been difficult. I didn't feel up to snuff, when it came to running and getting things done. On a positive note - I got my taxes done on time. - Took the package to a tax office at local shopping center. Happy as they did not overcharge. 

And I celebrated my 69th birthday.  (May 10) Nice.

I have decided to forget the numbers and focus on living and doing what I want to do.
What are my goals?

Today, I put in a good run. - Happy about this. First run in a couple of weeks. 

I need to buy a new bike. Very stressed over this.  Looked at a good bike store here in town. I didn't like the bike the gal was big on. Not sure what I am going to do.  Think it over.  

And I would like to take a holiday or travel somewhere. 

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