Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Time To Consider What Is Next - New Plans and Goals

 Following the Scotia Bank run on October 20,  I decided to take a break from training and exercise .

This summer I did 3 runs in the Canada Run Series.   The Harry Rosen, The Oasis Zoo and the Scotia Bank Toronto run .
 These were the first  races, I have entered  in  many , many  moons.
The events were a  good experience for me. . And I am pleased with my results.

  My fitness level drops off,  quite quickly if i take an extended break.
Yesterday, I started back.

Went for a jog along the waterfront path, and today jogged the streets and roads in the neighborhood where i live.
  Not sure what my next goals are....
 Looking into  a few  ideas that i have.  Consider my thoughts as  possible  long term plans for 2014.

Monday, October 21, 2013

 Went to the Scotiabank Toronto Marathon. on October 19-20 
  Waterfront   5k.  ----   DID IT
 My results

 Jenny Moscrop
Event: 5K
Chip Time: 0:30:58

1582 of 6487 finishers!

3rd place 3/88 WOMEN 65-69
 The largest run event i have run .  Was a very  good experience.

Happy to get be home. Taking it easy for a couple of days. 

  Planning to  give some  thought to what is next. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

5KM Training Run

 Did a good run - late afternoon.
5KM training run
Four days to go Toronto Marathon. I am entered in the 5K event.  Definitely feeling a little  excited and  nervous at the same time.
My only goal is to run and finish - injury free.
The Weather Channel is encouraging. No rain is forecast, but that could change.


Monday, October 14, 2013


Beautiful weather here. Today was perfect in every way.Chexk out the Weather Channel Kingston Weather
Keeping my fingers crossed , it stays this way for another week.
Biked to the Mall- approx 12K return trip. We now have a TARGET  store here. This was my second visit. Bought marmalade, English muffins .  The prices are okay, but not as cheap as i had been led to believe. The store is nice and clean and bright and they have a Starbucks inside.  Its okay. not sure what i expected as there has been lots of hype for the last year or so, with ads saying Target is coming and stuff like that.
I will go back.

Late afternoon run - happy that i managed to get a run in.  Sluggish from yesterdays yoga class, which i enjoyed immensely. Indoors at Lululemon.  Classes are now indoors , until 2014 spring/ summer.
Training Route
  Thanksgiving Day - having  a Beef stew, made with carrots, celery and potatoes and onion.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone Part 1

 I am not doing turkey this year. Dinner will be a Philadelphia Beef Stew. Christened with the name Philadelphia as the recipe comes from a guy W.G. Edwards in Philly. Perkasie, Pa.
 with Pumpkin Pie for dessert... 

 Its in the oven and should be ready for dinner. 
Planning to get in a short run this afternoon. 

Weather is 14C , feels like 17C.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Following and Reading - Running and Adventure Blogs

I have signed on - to follow several blogs.
Very interesting the different styles of writing  and the doings and  interests that other runners and bloggers have.
 Most importantly, reading other blogs  will hopefully help me to improve my blog.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Great Fall Weather for Running

Late afternoon cycled to the lake , changed to my running shoes and running shorts. Did a warm up and went for a run. . Started  slowly along the waterfront path to the Cruise Line office 1000 islands cruises
and then  headed back along the trail to the Water Treatment Plant.
Map My run says 8k *. Not sure I agree with this distance. Think its closer to 6.5 or 7k.

Happy with my run. Cool around 14C.
Still running in shorts .- ( long shorts.)
Time to think about getting some longer  Capri pants.

Lots of joggers and walkers taking in the great weather .

Monday, October 7, 2013

Very happy . Major problems again trying to log  into  Blogger - Last three days- I couldn't   access my account. Upsetting and frustrating.
Thought my blog  was lost. Seems there are lots of running blogs.  Very relieved to have access to my blog...again...

 Had my back checked. Doc thinks it will get better.Taking one tablet a day for a week .
And i am going to try VOLTAREN. Recommended by a physio- therapist.

 Did Yoga yesterday..  With Dallas at  Lululemon .

 And Today did a run in the late afternoon.  5.35K.  Very windy conditions.
Need to  get ready for runing in colder and windier conditions. As I  blog i can hear the wind howling out side.  Cleared a few things off my balcony - its beginning to blow.

Marine Text Bulletin:
Eastern Lake Ontario.
Gale warning in effect.
Wind west 35 knots diminishing to northwest 20 near midnight and to
 northwest 15 early Tuesday morning. Wind diminishing to light late
 Tuesday morning. A few showers ending near midnight with a risk of


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Biked today approx . 10K
and did a good slow run along the waterfront path  past the Delta Hotel to Confederation Basin  and back to the Time Monument.

Very happy with my run . My back seems to be much better. Decided to  have my Doc check my back tomorrow- just to be sure.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bike ride Hwy. 2

Another great day  - sun and 22C. 
My back is much better. Spent the afternoon biking along HWY 2, towards Gananoque
No running, must get back to it tomorrow.  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back care, Bike and Run

So lucky, we had another great Indian summer day 20C.
Can’t get an appointment with my doc until Friday. Decided I need to try  manage my sore back myself. . Yesterday, last night, had a hot bath, planning another or a long shower tonight.

Yesterday morning and today, took a tablet - CO-MELOXICCAM 7.5MG  its non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug. I have several left over from an injury I had 18 months ago.
The drug seems to be helping. (Keeping fingers my cross).   No pain – I Biked and Ran
A 2.87 KM RUN / JOG - 1.78 mi in Kingston, Canada 
and  a 29KM bike ride MAPPED ON TUE OCT 01 2013 

Very happy about the run, as I Have not run in 6 days).

Keeping my fingers crossed my back is on the mend. 

Monday June 28, 2018 - Cycling

Weather is  perfect.  24 C .  Warm and sunny. Cycled out to the Military Base and had  a  look at the boats at their yacht club and spent so...