Friday, May 31, 2013

Today is the probably the hottest day we’ve experienced this year. Decided  a good day for  a  swim.   Biked over to BeachGrove indoor pool. (a small municipal[  pool in the city of Kingston).  Did  the lunch hour swim.This was my first swim this year and some time before that.
 Swam lengths (resting after each up and back) for about 20 minutes. My strokes are rusty and need some work. Swimming is certainly a good way to work out during the dog days of summer. I think this was a good choice for today.
My thinking is I should swim at least once a week.  

Time to do  squats and watch some Friday night TV

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Rules? We prefer to think of them as guidelines.

Juneathon is, after all, (to quote Highway Kind) 'an annual festival of activity and excuses', so there aren't really any rules as such, but, it's nice to have a few guidelines.

So here they are:

Run or do some form of exercise every day.

Blog about it within 24 hours.

Join the Juneathon group at the Running Free website and log your runs/exercise.

Visit other blogs and leave comments, giving your support.

Link to the Juneathon website and display the 'Juneathon Participant' logo (above).

And that's about it really. Simple, huh?
Busy day.  Had some repair work done in my apt..
 Late afternoon , rode my bike  over to the track , did a warm up .
Jogged approx, 4K. (this is an estimate of the distance). A Friend recommended using Map It.
 This is a good idea as i will have more exact distances.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Beautiful day.   Jogged late afternoon = along the waterfront path. Did a decent warm down. Need to keep better record of my runs and general training. 

Monday June 28, 2018 - Cycling

Weather is  perfect.  24 C .  Warm and sunny. Cycled out to the Military Base and had  a  look at the boats at their yacht club and spent so...