Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Janathon 28 - happy with my run

Its has been snowing since early afternoon. Walked to Starbucks  on lower Princess Street, had a  Grande Dark Roast Coffee and "double Chocolate Brownie". Walked home - i should get my run in . the snow was getting heavier. And my plan is to run longer. Not easy as the sidewalks were filling up from the new snow. Did an 8K  run and very happy as the conditions were difficult. 

Next feed my cat, and have supper. Tonight - having Swiss steak - Been defrosting since noon. 

Three more days for Janathon. Have not missed a day or post yet. Keeping my fingers crossed i can do the next three days. 

Have ordered a book from Indigo  - Once A Runner.  (Canadian online Bookstore).

   In general the book has good reviews.   

Have a nice night everyone.

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