Monday, January 27, 2014

Walk and Snow Shoe Hike

 Dressed in layers and carrying my snow shoes, walked to Portsmouth Harbor. 
Put on my snow shoes and followed a snowy  path along the edge of the lake, hiking over to Lake Ontario Park. I had to make my own  path alon the shore . .. Over the last 24 hrs we have had a heavy snow fall and high wind resulting snow drifts .

i hiked over to the road entrance to the Catarqui  Golf Club , and then headed back along the path i had made. 
once i got back to King Street , took off my snow shoes and walked home. 
the sky was clear and it was cold -12C, The lake is frozen. There were a couple of brave people were about 200 meters off shore on the ice and appeared to be ice fishing. they had a drilled a hole in the ice.
Unfortunatley i forgot my camera at home. thinking i may go back to tomorrow and try to take a few pics. 
 that is all for today.  this is a link to the Kingston Whig Standard newspaper. 
Time to cook supper( having orange chicken casserole -- left overs 
 Total distance
Walking 6.8K
Snow Shoe Hike  

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