Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 1 Canada Day

 I am celebrating Canada Day doing a few things. 

Flying the Canadian  flag on my balcony..

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I cycled  to Tim Hortons and had a coffee and Canadian Maple donut. 

I took a week off from my running. 
It's Canada's Day - I decided its time to get back to my running. 
Late afternoon, I went for a run. Albeit a slow tun 
Distance: 5:41km 
Time: 39:06
Pace: 7:13

 Made a good salmon salad for supper. 
and now getting ready for the start of the FIFA
The semi-final game between  England and Japan. 
My team is England, I was born there. I am cheering for them. 

Check back later for more. 
England played great. they deserved to win. \the Japs got lucky in the final minute.England was not lucky.

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