Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Catch up Posts

 Saturday, January 23
I did not run. Busy getting caught up with mundane daily chores.
It was cold and I walked around town getting my messages up to date.

Sunday, January 24.
Took Via Rail to Toronto in the AM. Spent a nice afternoon wandering around the stores (shops) in downtown TO.
Walker over to the Air Canada Center and checked in.

 I have a ticket to the Toronto Raptors Basketball game against the LA Clippers. Got the ticket from Laurentian  University Alumni.  I am alumni. B.A., and B.Ed. 
 Had a nice time. And Toronto won the game which was great.
Tiring day.   arrived home at 4 am.

Monday, January 25
on very little sleep, got to the Curling club and played. I  play  lead in  an afternoon league.  We won.

 Tuesday , January 26  
Curling  feeling rested, curled in the afternoon. We won and are now 4 wins and 1 loss. there is one week left in the draw.

 Wednesday January 27  Today's post will appear later. (its mid-morning here)

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