Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3 Tuesday

 March  and we are  still getting winter weather ...   More snow and cold arrived today. ..  The winter of 2014-15 has gotten to  me. I am seriously thinking its time to move to a warmer climate.  Am I up to a major move and is it a good idea?
It is snowing and the temperature is -9C.  Later afternoon, the snow started. ( and its still going at 20:00 hrs. 
 This afternoon's run was one of my better ones in the recent past. I ran in the cold and snow. Ran 9.47K
 I enjoyed the run. 

I  am learning to curl.  I  have been  going to curling sessions since October.  Last Friday, I curled in "real" game. Mixed Seniors League. And  I have been watching Curling on TV. The Briar and  the Scotties.

 Decided to try and stick with it and become a "curler". 

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